Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello there, person from Mountain View, California! I have been speaking to the walls of this blog for the past year (I don't expect too many people to be interested in it anyway) but you're one of those kind few who always reads my writing soon after I publish it.

I just want to say hi, thank you and that this means a lot to me. :)
It's a mistake to think that it is not possible for them to touch another the way they touch you. The curves and crevices of your body might be yours and yours alone but sometimes they only need close their eyes to feel another the same way they felt you. 

But take heart, for there are those who, even knowing this, choose not to.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Somewhere, caught between
Changing trains
And pressed between
Sweaty, eager men
And watching the woman in front of me
Buffing her nails
In great meditation,
I close my eyes
And think of penning a poem
That would free me of you
I was a mooh fatt (loudmouth) when I was young. I would tell everyone everything. When long trains of perplexing words rumbled their way into my ears and screeched to a halt in my mouth, I gargled and spat them out quickly, clearing both my throat and my conscience. This, of course, infuriated my parents and I would often be punished for taking off mine and a few others' figurative underwear each time I became with someone. In my defense, I was only speaking the truth, albeit with some embellishments. But no one seemed to want it and I was often made to shut up.

Growing up, I have realised the little or no good it has done for me. Being apologetic about my sense of self-righteousness, giving another person the benefit of doubt and hoping this disguised goodness would pay me back in the future has been a thorough misjudgment on my part.

So I'd like to back to being a mooh fatt, thanksverymuch!