Sunday, July 26, 2015

Notes From the Art Gallery

What I see

Canvas looks ripped in places. These gashes open up to show a lot of life. The other parts are barren looking. Amputated limbs are strewn in places. A mad goat with shades on and a boner sits somewhere in the middle.

A face. Road-like tongue leads to the inside of the mouth. Some liquid laid out in front of him that looks inviting. Tongue points at it. Earrings are wheels, so we must be on a journey. I see a brain too, which has a body of its own. A red and yellow eye on the top is encased in a triangle. There are many colours. The artist must be on an inside journey. Still there are shadows of people lingering about him, for who is ever really alone?

 Cardboard Box
Man is bringing a box to a group of people. The box contains a group of people. He is carrying stories. He may be the town gossip. Another painting by the same artist shows a room that opens to a crowd outside. People outside the room look like they’re doing the same things as people inside the room. I don't see the point of rooms.

 A Rain of Blows  
3D artwork in a case with threads of blue and green hues. Gets more attention than its neighbours. Everyone’s flocking around it so it must be special.

The most expensive one is of a temple priest. Life size. Eyes alive. He looks like a frighteningly powerful man. Inspires hate.

Painted pieces of shit. I’m not kidding. These really look like four pieces of shit laid out in the moonlight. I’m beginning to feel some artists here can get away with anything. They need only put a lovely title. Better still, call it ‘Untitled’

First Hussain painting I ever saw. Could I tell if it was his work by just looking at it? No. Do I like it? Kinda. He is fearless with his colours.

Place of Worship
But I only see chaos. Parents will appreciate this one I suppose. They love nothing more than a big temple and everything that comes with it. I like this better than Hussain’s.

Sinners Divine
Newly wedded couple that looks high. I found my favorite.

Other notes:
  • Red Hibiscus flower = Vajayjay
  • Is there a time when an artist has not been completely honest with his painting? Can I see it if I look very closely? Can I see something the artist himself didn’t see?
  • The most exceptional paintings are either unbelievably life-like or ridiculously simple. Or both.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You Talk in Quotes

I hate your quotes. I hate them because you throw them in conversations to back your frail argument. I hate them because you use them as a statement to put an end to all statements and then, smugly, fall back to stretch in your chair.

I hate them because you haven’t read the book, you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t know the context. You haven't even been listening. You don’t remember what came before the quote and what came after.

And now you’re crowing again on social media late at night like a drugged man on Santa Cruz station flashing what remains of him.