Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walked past a cat run over by a car and realised
What's more sad than seeing something dead
Is seeing something dying
And while each day most of us live
Others die trying

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A habit can be made out of anything, don't you think? Tara walks this part of the park in circles and soon these circles are a part of her. Since she sees the same things over and over she finds too many faults but makes too few stops to change things because she doesn't want to spoil her pace.  Plus breaks don't look good on anyone, she's told.  You need to walk with powerful strides that reek of intent.  Sometimes when she does that people stop and stare in awe. Most of these times she does it just for the reaction. In truth, she'd rather be like the child who runs around plucking flowers and chasing butterflies but then everyone would think she's bonkers. 
All this while Tara does keep thinking and thinking however. Thinking of how she got here. Thinking of what she might find if she breaks out of here. Once in a while a thought trips her and she falls down.  But then gets back up to complete her circle because everyone's looking. And she always feels like everyone's looking.